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You're currently at littleprincesscharlene.blogspot.com Welcome to my kawaii blog,feel free to read around & hope you'll enjoy. Copycats, rippers & spammers are welcome to go! Strictly NO RIPPING
The Girls!!!
~*~ Charlene ~*~
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I am born on the 3rd Janaury 2007, a day after mummy's BD.
My star sign is Capricorn just like mummy, daddy says my character is just like her too... *grins* Is it a good thing? hmmm...

~*~ Claudia ~*~
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I am born on the 14th November 2008.
My star sign is Scorpio and I like to drink milk!!! Ppl says I looks like mummy



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Mummy & Daddy
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Claudia Mei Mei - 2 Weeks Old
Yo! Heard from mummy a lot of ppl waiting to see my photos? kekek... Here goes...
Hello!!! Oh and my jie jie has found a new hobby... gnawing my cot....

Saturday, November 29, 2008 | 11:39 PM | back to top

Chocolate Spread with Bread
My current all time fave, I will say "Daddy! Bread....." when daddy give mi the bread I will say "Chocolate...!" heehee.........and he will spread the chocolate for me. Its truly Yummilicious!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008 | 11:35 PM | back to top

I wan Bao Bao!
hee hee... nowadays whenever I see daddy carry mei mei I will wan him to carry me too... Jealous? Maybe.... kekek...

See my daddy desperate look, but when mummy saw this she ask daddy to hold on to the position while she go grab the camera to take photo for us. haha... mummy so bad, and in this picture, daddy is actaully telling mummy off, cos he so xin ku she still happily taking photo. muahahaha....

| 11:28 PM | back to top

Daddy, Charlene & Claudia
I love to carry my mei mei. Everytime I will tell mummy and daddy, I wan to bao bao mei mei. I love my mei mei!!!
Me & Mei Mei!Daddy, Mei Mei & MeSo how? What you think? We look alike or not? wakakka...

Friday, November 21, 2008 | 11:19 PM | back to top

Mummy's Birth Story - Claudia
Hiya all....

Finally decide to update my girls blog le... kekek...

My Birth Story:

13.11.2008 - Felt funny in the evening, but thought tat must b false alarm or just BH.
14.11.2008 - Felt having ad hoc BH, thought its normal n went to bb fair at united square with hubby, we still went to have Swensen ice cream... yummy... hubby says tat he wans to cook for me tat night but I dunno y i rejected as I know maybe Claudia is coming though I didnt tell him.
3.45pm - Reach home and saw pinkish discharge
4.00pm - Went for a check at my gynae, 2.5cm, gynae ask mi to admit
5.00pm - eat Ya Kun Lo Ti first. wakkaak...
6.00pm - Arrived Mount A
7.00pm - Gynae broke water bag and contraction starts but all is bearable at this moment thought contraction is 3 mins apart.
10.30pm - Contraction getting intense but still bearable, cervix check is 3 cm, think will delivery on 15.11.2008.
11 pm - cannt stand the contractions as its awfully painful now and ask for epi but VE check already 5 cm and ask to put thigh injection, dunno whatever name that injection is called. keke...
11.15pm - i shouted at hubby that I WAN TO PUSH ALREADY!!! hubby tio chua and shout at the nurse she wans to push! i need to push i have to push i wan to push but they dun let mi push i dun care i must push as I can feel something down under coming but they just dun let mi push cos gynae not here
11.30pm - gynae arrived, n bb claudia arrived mins later with 3 to 5 hard pushes. she still prefers to b a 14.11.2008 bb. kekek...

actaully also dunno how many pushes i did already as super high on laughing gas and i keep hearing ppl shouting instructions at me but i also dunno wat they saying only grabbing hubby like siow and after tat hubby suffered several fingers scratches on his arms. keek.. i grabbed the nurse too, hope tat i didnt hurt the poor nurse but the pain is really excruciating i really dunno wat i doing when it comes so suddenly that i must push, i just lost control of myself i think.

This time is really an experience for me as I did it without epidural and frankly speaking was pretty proud that I did it. But the whole experience kinda of scare mi off of having more kids, the pushing effect just come and I really dunno how I going to stop pushing as they told me to, damn scarey for the first time when I had charlene was painless and I really didnt expect it at all. I was in shock! wakkakaka...........think maybe 2 is enough? wakkaak.....

My contractions coming in strong....Our 2nd princess Claudia is born
First Picture taken with Daddy and Mummy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 | 10:46 PM | back to top

My Mei Mei Has Arrived!!!
Hello all!!! Let my introduce my mei mei to all of you.

Her name is Claudia Ng Jing Xuan, and she is born just before midnight on 14th November 2008 weight 3.040 kg and 49 cm.
Mummy will post her birth story and more photos when she got more free time on her hands, she is just too smelly to do it now. wakakaka..
Just to share 1 photo of bb claudia on day 4 to share first. kekek...who do you think she looks like?

| 11:49 AM | back to top