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You're currently at littleprincesscharlene.blogspot.com Welcome to my kawaii blog,feel free to read around & hope you'll enjoy. Copycats, rippers & spammers are welcome to go! Strictly NO RIPPING
The Girls!!!
~*~ Charlene ~*~
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I am born on the 3rd Janaury 2007, a day after mummy's BD.
My star sign is Capricorn just like mummy, daddy says my character is just like her too... *grins* Is it a good thing? hmmm...

~*~ Claudia ~*~
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I am born on the 14th November 2008.
My star sign is Scorpio and I like to drink milk!!! Ppl says I looks like mummy



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I love Garlic bread -Backdated: 16.01.2008
What is call "relax"? Watching tv and pinching on garlic bread....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | 3:44 PM | back to top

It's MY BIRTHDAY!!! Backdated: 01.01.2008
YES! We are celebrating my 1st birthday today!!! Whoopies.....I am finally 1. A year ago at this time mummy says she is still shaking legs in front of the PC playing Maple Story, now a year later she almost went crazy with the cleaning up cos we had invited many guests of honours and there are so much preparation to be done.
Daddy helped blew up the balloons which is a must for all birthday parties! My daddy is really good at blowing balloons you know? He says pumps are useless his mouth better. He blew up a swimming pool for me a couple of months ago. Power bo? kekeke....Well... as my daddy's daughter I cannot say I dunno how to blow balloons right? So here's me blowing my balloon! hee hee... though its already tied up, it's still me blowing ma.
My Birthday Banner! Cool yeah?
Balloons and streamers up!
Nai Nai and Xinyi yi yi come to play too....
My little guests...
Clarissa Mei Mei
Elisa Mei Mei
Claire Mei Mei & Matthew Didi came too.... oh... Rachel Jie Jie and Estelle mei mei also did came but we didnt took any photos... *sad*
Lets take a shot sista...! Triplets Deszi not here today cos she also having her birthday party
Dun we just looked like our mothers???
TADA! My birthday cake!!! Nice isn't it? The top cake is triple chocolate..ooooo.......while the bottoms are the adults favourite lychee martini.......hm..............
Family Photo!!!
Doting Nai Nai and Gong Gong, aiyo ah gong what you looking at....look here... MY CAKE!
Finally all the guests went back around 7pm and here's me with my pressies & Ang baos!!!
I just couldn't wait for daddy to finish assembling my buggy for me... kekeke........just let mi sit on it first...
Thank you all yi yi, uncles, jie jie, mei mei, di di, gor gor, ah ma, ah gong for attending my birthday. I really enjoyed it and loved all the gifts that you had all showered on me. Love you all. * SMUACK*

| 1:50 PM | back to top

Backdated: Reina Come to play!!! (25.12.2007)
It's christmas day and min min yi yi had brought reina come to play.

In my toy house of balls...

| 1:46 PM | back to top

Christmas 2007!!!
Yeah, its my very first christmas party at min min yi yi house. Last year this time I am still in mummy tummy having my first chocolate log cake, now i can taste it all by myself.
Taking a picture with my christmas pressie.

Reina & Me!

Daddy & Me!

Mummy & me! (Mummy hair is really messy but daddy didnt tell mummy tat when he is taking the photo)

All by myself with the christmas hat!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008 | 11:46 AM | back to top

Backdated entry - 23.12.2007 <<< My Lunar 1 year old >>>
Today I turned 1 in the lunar calendar!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!
They says that I must eat (licked) a chicken drumstick on my first lunar birthday.

Daddy offering me a bite on it, but I wasnt too keen

hee hee......not too bad I guess

Nai Nai came over to celebrate my birthday for me, mummy find this picture very interesting with the 2 of us looking at the same direction.

Playing in my "house"

Nai nai offered me a red egg, LOOKED! I put on lipstick after licking on the egg. Nice?

I received a present today! Its not for my lunar birthday though, its for Christmas. Its by one of my favourite yiyi, Isn't it huge!

Lets see whats inside

WOW!!! Its a princess ride, just for a princess like me!

Look! It has got buttoms for me to press where music will come play

Isn't it cool? I LOVED IT! Thanks yiyi.

Saturday, January 12, 2008 | 9:48 PM | back to top

Backdated - 21.12.2007
Mummy gotten me a tricyle for Christmas, and today we are bringing it out for a test drive!

On the way down to the park on the 6th floor
Daddy pushing me as i still cant reach the peddles yetFlashing my "zhao pai dong zou" smile, mummy says I looked so boyish in this picture

| 9:34 PM | back to top

Backed dated entries - 19.12.2007
Mummy bought a box of alphabets blocks for me!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Digging in the the blocks

Or maybe we just pour it all out?

Mummy feels that I looked like I am a big kid already in this photo

But mummy, I will always be your baby

| 9:24 PM | back to top

Backed dated entries - 15.12.2007
To market To market with nai nai. kekeke....

Mummy got to work on every alternate saturday, so nai nai will help mummy to look after me for half a day until mummy comes home from work. During these saturdays, nai nai will come pick up me early in the morning to the market for breakfast before going to her place. Its my favourite outing everytime.

| 9:19 PM | back to top

Back dated Entries..... My very first overseas trip
(Been back from Japan for a month already, and mummy finally decides to upload the photos.... lazy mum...)

Yeah...!!! Mummy is bringing mi to japan from 6th December 2007 to 10th December 2007. Pretty sad that Daddy couldnt join us (specially mummy) as he said that he had to stay in Singapore to make more money, but mummy, no worries, I will make it up for daddy! *grins*
This will be my first oversea trip (other then sentosa) and I heard that there will be more to come in the coming new year if I pass the "test", Hm.... wonder what test is that going to be. Heard that our next destination will most probably be going to a place where there are a lot of animals called wallabies, I heard that it looked like kangeroos... Wonder wat is that. Well.... I guess I will soon find out.
Enjoy the japan pictures for now.......

6th December 2007

My bassinet (Just woke up from a short nap & mummy started shooting away.....)
Ask me if I like to sleep on it? This picture tells it all....(though I heard from mummy I slept less then 30 mins on it.... but mummy, i prefer to sit then to sleep on it and its my first trip, so I can't help feeling really excited)My doting Gong gong n nai naiThis is kinda of blur but its me in mummy carrier, we just arrived!!! Whoopies!!!*bite* argh... y cant i get rid of these mittens?
07th December 2007
1st morning in Japan.....and thats all you can offer me mummy? A pc of bread? In Japan?Mummy.... wat u having? That looks good......Well... I guess I just have to make do with my pc of bread.....Gong Gong, Nai Nai and Me!!!This is Mt Fuji, we are going up there~! Look!!! I am standing on my own!!! (er hem... with a bit of support la...kekek...)Some of the gang who went with usFinally!!! The highest point of Mt Fuji, heard that not all ppl who are here gets to come to the highest peak due to the weather, we are so lucky aint we? But its freezing cold here. Its said to be 0 degrees celsius.........*shivers* Mummy doesnt wants me to get out of the bus when we are here, but I make sure that she is made known of my decision of getting down the bus by crying big time until she let me get off tat bus and enjoy the freezing cold wind blowing on my face. I loved it, everytime the wind blow on my face i will squeals out loudly n laugh non stop. Its really so different from Singapore that is so hot all year round. AND, you saw that white icy thingy on the floor? Thats wat the adults called snow, and heard that its not available in Singapore. Amazing isnt it?After tat we checked in the New Star Hotel that is not too far away from Mt Fuji, and you know wat? They have baby kimono available for me to wear!!! Isnt that nice?The adults stayed in 1 room to talk non stop but I bashed... its been a long tiring day.....look how tired I am...... 08 Dececember 2007
Great grandma, ah yis, ah gu & mI!Lets take a shot before we leave Mt Fuji to our next destination.Mummy told ah ma that she is like a maid in this trip with them, I am more like their daughter especially with this photo. wakakak....Like 1 happy family bo?Another of my standing stunts, notice the hand at the left hand side of the picture trying to catch me should i fall? kekeke.....The grass here is so soft and nice to sit...
Say cheese with my ah gu...Mummy loves this picture, isnt it sweet?On the bullet train to Yokohama, like my tweety bird mouth?09th December 2007
Today we are going to DISNEYLAND!!! Whoopies...nai nai getting me ready early in the morning, I am still so tired....Not a well taken photo due to the sun and mummy lousy skills, but you can see the mickey mouse's castle at the back of the pictureAll wrapped up and ready to chiong disneyland Japan... They rent stroller here!!!We took a boat ride in the "It's a small world", very nice music and i really enjoyed it.Kawaii neh?The dolls are all so pretty!On Merry-go-round with Mummy! Backed in the hotel! Looked at my flushed red cheeks. Mummy love it to bits, she say she gonna miss it when we are back in Singapore.Hm.... How does all these japanese machines work?10th December 2007
We are going back today already. *sad* How time flies when you are enjoying yourself.
Mummy told me that we must must must get daddy to bring us here again especially Disneyland, she said that there is still so many things which we did not visit.
Isnt the leaves colour nice?At the airport
On our flight back to Singapore!
The End...

Friday, January 11, 2008 | 11:05 PM | back to top