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You're currently at littleprincesscharlene.blogspot.com Welcome to my kawaii blog,feel free to read around & hope you'll enjoy. Copycats, rippers & spammers are welcome to go! Strictly NO RIPPING
The Girls!!!
~*~ Charlene ~*~
Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers
I am born on the 3rd Janaury 2007, a day after mummy's BD.
My star sign is Capricorn just like mummy, daddy says my character is just like her too... *grins* Is it a good thing? hmmm...

~*~ Claudia ~*~
Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
I am born on the 14th November 2008.
My star sign is Scorpio and I like to drink milk!!! Ppl says I looks like mummy



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Mummy & Daddy
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My Lollipop
Daddy gotten me a lollipop today in Toy s rus and I am having it for dinner... ???kkekeke......Yummilicious...

Sunday, September 28, 2008 | 4:50 PM | back to top

As usual we were at Vivo again and had Marche for lunchie! I love the pasta there!
And heres a Thumbs Up with me saying "GOOD!" on my cream stained mouth.

I took a picture with the moo moo cow outside Marche though I could barely open my eyes, the sun is shining directly on me, and oh oh oh did u see I got a blue balloon too?!?!? I love BALLOONS!

Running Towards mummy as she try to snap my photos

Waiting for daddy to join us

Walking back to mummy with daddy

| 4:39 PM | back to top

Dinner at Ajisen

Tonight's dinner is at Ajisen. Heard they sell good ramen there. I brought along the new toy I got from Toy s rus today.
While waiting I fiddled with my new toyDaddy, mummy why isnt the food here yet?I am starving...Oh well, I guess i just have to make do with the plastic plane first...

Sunday, September 21, 2008 | 4:33 PM | back to top

After I stopped my kindermusik lessons, mummy will bring me to vivo to fetch daddy almost every Sunday.
Waiting for daddy to come..

Love this trolley ride in Daiso, today we are there to get some arts accessories for mi. *smiles*

A must have stop in Toy s rus! Look at that daddy! I wan that I wan that!

Lunch at Sushi Tei, oh in case you dunno, I am born in the year of the dog. Wonder if mousey mei mei likes to bite stuff too... *grins*

| 4:26 PM | back to top

My New Kimono
My mummy got me this during the Japan trip last year and just got it out for me to wear. Kawaii NEH?!?!?

Thursday, September 18, 2008 | 4:23 PM | back to top

Mid Autumn Festival
Hey, its the mid autumn festival this Sunday but as Daddy has to work on the day itself, we celebrated in advance today. Mummy & daddy brought mi to the park for the 1st time! WHoopies!!!
Look! I am so thrilled to be out
Nowadays I love to sit on kerbs, stairways and anything that I feels like it and it got mummy pretty angry as some of these places I sat on is dirty n I always dirtied my clothes.
I can sit on kerbsOn stairs...On the Slide...and everywhere...Mummy tried to grab me for a photo but its just so hard nowadays for mi to stay still and smile on the camera shutter i guessI love the playground and daddy had a hard time keeping up with me as I am climbing everywhere that I can reach. I had my first slide and its sooooo cool I keep climbing back on to it for more! WHEEEeeeeee!I am on top of the world!!!I got tired for a bit and decided to rest while waiting for daddy to catch up with me. keke...Daddy complained that his back is aching after chasing me ard the park for half an hour and decided to take a break too, but hey daddy u are blocking my way u know, i still hadnt had enough..and so daddy started chasing after me again... muahaha...Its nice to b on the see saw with mummy, daddy and mei mei who is still in mummy's tummy tum tum... kekekek.I just never use up my energy, my mummy says that I am so rough...
I love the play ground very much and hoped that mummy and daddy would bring me there more often, but as mummy is due to pop my mei mei anytime soon I guess we have to wait till mei mei is here then we will roam the place together. Wonder how daddy going to catch us in future. or which one should he catch firsT? kekek...

Thursday, September 11, 2008 | 3:56 PM | back to top

My New Stampers!
Mummy got mi these stampers from Crayola, and I really enjoyed stamping with them. That's daddy hand telling me where to stamp as I prefer to stamp out of the drawing sheets and on the table or my clothes or my hands just to c how it looks like on those. kekek...
Let me introduce the horsey, birdie and the moo moo cow!
Concentrating on my stamping.Look how my little finger flicked up when stamping, my mummy say so girly, but i am girl girl wat. kekeke....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 | 3:47 PM | back to top

Claudia Progress ( By mummy)
As most of you have already know, I am currently preggy with my number 2. Current already in my 3rd trimester at 29 weeks. Last check BB Claudia is 919 gms at 28 weeks. She seems to be slightly smaller then Charlene at this time but gynae has assured that her weight is fine. I am again diagnosed with gestational diabetes which means I have got to poke my fingers again. *sad* But well as long as BB Claudia comes out healthy and fine I am willing to suffer or sacriface everything now. I just her to come into this world as a happy bouncy baby. Total weight gain now for me is 10kg!

She has been very active since I stepped into 3rd trimester and I am very happy each time i felt her movement. Hubby might wan to stop at 2 though I would very much hope tat we can go for 3 at least. My dream number still at 6 la, hee hee.... so now i am enjoying every part of this pregnancy n make sure i remember how pregnancy feels like.

Next check up at 32 weeks, will update again till then. *smiles*

| 3:16 PM | back to top

My Vocabulary
Mummy commented that nowadays I really talk non stop. My vocabulary has grown tremendously this couple of months. Now instead of calling papa i started calling Daddy and instead of calling mama i started calling mie or ma mie. My mummy is very very pleased with my progress. Just to name some of the words which I use daily:
  • Daddy, Ma Mie, Gong Gong, Ma Ma, Po Po, Jiu Jiu, Shu Shu, Gu Gu, Uncle, Didi, Mei mei, Jie JIe, Baby
  • Hot Hot, Cold Cold (she says this when we bath her and if the water is too hot or too cold), mummy qi aka mummy angry (she will cross her hands when she do this), mei mei
  • Sit, open, close, drink, please, thank you, hug hug, bye bye, no no, ng ng, throw, come, poke, pa pa aka beat
  • papaya, banana
  • Pig. cow, gaga (she call all creepy crawlers gaga.... special thanks to her daddy), duck, dog, cat
  • Book, coat, cup, table, chair, bus, car, bed, night night, kiss, sweet, bear bear, star star, hua aka flower, dress, balloon, ball ball,
  • Nose, Eyes, Ear, Mouth, Hair, Hands, leg, toes, knee

That's about all that mummy can remember, but everyday I am surprising her with new words.

| 2:56 PM | back to top