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You're currently at littleprincesscharlene.blogspot.com Welcome to my kawaii blog,feel free to read around & hope you'll enjoy. Copycats, rippers & spammers are welcome to go! Strictly NO RIPPING
The Girls!!!
~*~ Charlene ~*~
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I am born on the 3rd Janaury 2007, a day after mummy's BD.
My star sign is Capricorn just like mummy, daddy says my character is just like her too... *grins* Is it a good thing? hmmm...

~*~ Claudia ~*~
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I am born on the 14th November 2008.
My star sign is Scorpio and I like to drink milk!!! Ppl says I looks like mummy



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Mummy & Daddy
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My New Stroller
Daddy and Mummy gotten me my stroller today! Woo hooo!!!!

We gotten this one in orange!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 | 6:21 PM | back to top

My Full Month Party
A brief recap of my full mth party.

Mummy and Daddy celebrated my full mth 5 days earlier then the actual day as its a Sunday and Daddy can take the day off. Loads of ppl attended my full mth, nei nei yi yi say must have at least 200 ppl at our place that day. Mummy and Daddy didnt get to carry mi much as most of the time I am carried by some strangers which was introduced to me as grand uncles/aunties, aunties/uncles or jie jie/gor gor. Mummy and daddy was so busy entertaining the guests that they didnt even take photos for me! Hmph! Such an impt day and bo take photo some more. Never mind, I will make sure that they remember to take loads of photos for me during my 1 year old party.

I received a lot of ang baos, clothings and gold from all the nice aunties and uncles. Mummy say no ppl buy toys for me leh, but she say never mind la she will use the ang baos money to buy me toys. Anyway even before I born I already got quite a few toys liaos la. hee hee......but i still expect more to come hor mummy....*act cute*

It was a very tiring day cos everyone kept talking to me and carrying me mai give me sleep, finally the whole event was over at 8pm and I can settle in my cot and get some rest. Thank you all the uncle and aunties for your gifts and ang baos. Remember that Chinese New Year is around the corner hor, must come my house give me ang baos huh. wakakkakaka.........

Monday, January 29, 2007 | 5:54 PM | back to top

More Pictures To share
Nei Nei Yi Yi says that y all the pictures my mummy took for me show me yawning. So today my mummy ask my daddy to take for me some nice shots as he is more skillful in taking my pictures la.

See! Artistic bo? My daddy says like traffic police directing traffic.....

What happens when my daddy chooses clothes for me to change? Purple socks!!! Wakakak........but still quite matching la hor? hee hee.......

Daddy I am only less then a month old.......why you asking me to crawl?

A shoot with my mummy.... daddy thought just leave me there and see if mummy can get up or carry me up like tat.....notti daddy.....

Enough for today, time to orh orh again.........ZzzZzzz.......

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 | 5:53 PM | back to top

Yo Yo Yo
Hiya ppl,

Me backie with more post. Mummy been really lazy plus also bz with me la so she hadn't been updating my blog. Mummy n daddy will be helping me throw my baby shower on this Sunday on the 28th January 2007 as my actual full month falls on a weekday. Mummy cant wait for her confinement to be over too so tat she can use clean water to bath, she smells now I think but no choice la, she is my only food source, so smelly I also must endure. wakekeke.......

Already received quite a number of ang baos n gifts from a couple if aunties n uncles, xie xie ni men... see you all on Sunday hor.

Here a couple of my pics to keep u all entertain for a moment.

Always have a good stretch when you wake up.
Yawn..............now I am getting sleepy again as I just had my fill......
eh........I really tired la..........leave mi alone........
Oh! Almost forget.........remember to come this sunday hor! See you then....

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 | 2:23 PM | back to top

I have POPPED!
Hello Peeps!!!
I have popped on the 3rd of January 2007 and my name is Charlene Huang Yi Xuan. My mummy have been very busy with me cos I got jaundice and have to stay in the hospital last Monday and Tuesday. I was back at home on Wednesday but now still under the light which mummy and daddy had rented cos my jaundice is slightly high. Mummy is worrying and praying everyday that my jaundice will go down. I will of cos jia you and shit out all the jaundice in me so that mummy and daddy will not worry about me. *Jia you Jia You Jia you*

This photo is taken just mins after I have popped out of mummy's tummy tum tum.

All the uncle and aunties say I looked exactly like my daddy. Just 1 look know which is his daughter liaos. Do you think so too?

Mummy is going to have her massage soon. She wanted to regain her figure la. So she will update as soon as she has time again. Stay tune!

Monday, January 15, 2007 | 1:24 PM | back to top