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You're currently at littleprincesscharlene.blogspot.com Welcome to my kawaii blog,feel free to read around & hope you'll enjoy. Copycats, rippers & spammers are welcome to go! Strictly NO RIPPING
The Girls!!!
~*~ Charlene ~*~
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I am born on the 3rd Janaury 2007, a day after mummy's BD.
My star sign is Capricorn just like mummy, daddy says my character is just like her too... *grins* Is it a good thing? hmmm...

~*~ Claudia ~*~
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I am born on the 14th November 2008.
My star sign is Scorpio and I like to drink milk!!! Ppl says I looks like mummy



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Mummy & Daddy
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My Different expressions
Mummy realised that I have so many expressions nowadays and she is thrilled everytime I showed a new one. Just to show a few during a lunch at Spageddies after my Kindermusik class.

My kaypo look
Orh...........Did you do something wrong....
Happy baby...Happy Mummy... Happy Daddy...

Sunday, September 23, 2007 | 2:39 PM | back to top

Mummy n daddy decided to have Swensen for lunch. We went to the branch in Compasspoint and mummy daddy brought my Peek a Boo Elmo's book to entertain me so that they can have a peaceful lunch together.
Hm.....lets see.....
Engrossed in my book
Daddy let me have a taste of the cherry too...
No daddy......not there.... not my nose ...
*Lick lick....* SWEET!!! I like it...........*slurps*
After that they decided to dump me in the shopping basket when they shop around the super market.......

Saturday, September 22, 2007 | 2:30 PM | back to top

Great Grand Granny's birthday
As usual mummy brought me to fetch daddy from Vivo City today. After that we headed home
to bath and for me to take a nap before going for my great grandmother's birthday dinner.
Playing with my toysI finally know how to sit properly with no support. Steady poon pi pi.....kekek....
Lets Take a photo with mummy first....(Very blur huh? Mummy says she looks better with blurry photos leh.... )
After my bath....
Wanna come closer???
Dressed and playing with my fisher price activity table.
Catching my ball.....I just cant stop tasting all my toysWe went for dinner at Macphersono after that to celebrate my great grandmother's birthday. Here's all my great grandmother's grandchildren and not forgetting me, the great grand daughter.

Sunday, September 16, 2007 | 2:11 PM | back to top

Cucumber and Nathelene's mei mei come to visit!
Opps........funny title eh? wat Cucumber. muahahahah.........well today daddy come back from his cruise so we went to fetch him and had brunch at this restaurant called "hei ser Hui" (If the han yu pin yin is wrong please pardon my mummy cos her han yu pin yin is very lousy, give her a few more years when i start my primary school then I will teach her ok?). They always give some cucumber and carrot sticks for us to munch on before the dishes come. Mummy gave me 1 stick of the cucumber to try licking but who knows i start munching on it with my newly grown teeth and she has a hard time trying to "dig" out the smashed cucumbers. *grins*
First try.....hm........
kekek........not too bad....
Let me try holding on it myself....
Please do not disturb.... munching in progress.....
Let's try the carrots...
I think i still prefer the cucumber......
After mummy and daddy had their food we walked around the mall for awhile and head back home as Nathelene mei mei is coming to play with me!!! YEAH!
Me and Nathelene mei mei....*whoops....no hats!* See the amount of hair Nathelene mei mei has....hao xian mu wor......but no worries I am slowly building on my hair empire too....
Both of us happily indulging in my toy land...
Nathelene mei mei with her daddy, my daddy's army buddy of all time

Sunday, September 09, 2007 | 12:39 PM | back to top

My Cot, My Potty
Mummy & Daddy got me my baby cot a few weeks before I was born. I had been sleeping in it since Day 1 I came back from the hospital. Its a cosy bed with my crib toy, my leapfrog counting pal (which mummy always play while changing my diapers, as I used to cry when mummy takes off my pants or clothes as i dun like to be naked. However, when mummy on the leapfrog counting pal music i will lie there quietly for her to change) and a few of my favourite soft toys. However now mummy says its too dangerous for me to be sleeping inside as I have master the skill of climbing out of it. So currently its a "Time out" zone for me. So whenever I am notti, mummy will put me in it and refuse to carry me out. But I am proud to say tat so far I hardly use it and mostly when I am inside its because mummy wants to take a few photos of me without me crawling and touching everything that I caught sight of. Enough said, its photo time!!!
Opps........Mummy put me in my cot again.....:(

I wanna get out please......

Mummy.... I promise I will be good???

Hm....you wanna take photos?

Okies.... Let me put on my cap first. How's this pose???

And this??? *sticks out tongue*

How about this one? Can I be a model? muahahah.....

Oh ya........I forget to talk about my potty. I have got this cutie little PINK (my favourite colour, or mummy's fave? hm...) potty at home. Since I am 3 months old I can only shit properly if I am in a potty (I dun like the feeling of squash poo poo on my backside la) as I am trained by Yi popo to do so. So everytime I give mummy the "ng ng" look, she will faster bring out the potty for me to sit on.

And...........TADA!!! Introducing my cutie little Pink potty.......How that?

Erm.............forget to add that the cover is pretty yummilicious!!!.......*lick*

Last but not least, after all the photo taking....Its time for me to go gai gai.....Till the next time folks!

Saturday, September 08, 2007 | 11:39 AM | back to top

Mummy got this from Taiwan during her last trip there with daddy. she totally forgetten about it and now its kinda of small. It has got wings behind too. Kekekke.......

Sunday, September 02, 2007 | 11:25 PM | back to top

Here We go...

| 5:54 PM | back to top

This morning I did something that freaked mummy out..... Wakakakak..........

I manage to climb up my baby cot all by myself!!!

Mummy wanted to talk to daddy for awhile so she decided to put me in my cot for awhile since I couldnt run anywhere in it, but who knows when she happen to walk pass my room at the corner of her eye she saw me standing there smiling at her!!! She scream and faster run to me cos she is scare that I might just tumble down. Hiak hiak hiak.....serves u right for leaving me alone!

But after the first successful attempt I have to show off my skills, so everytime mummy put me down I will stay climbing up again. kekekeke............*bleah*

Lets have another go on it......

Mummy decided to film it down to show ah gong and ah ma. Heard that later on when she showed them they scolded her for not holding on to me but instead standing there taking video. hee hee...

Zooming into my pool of toys!

Opps....Mummy caught me!

| 2:49 PM | back to top

I do look like Mummy!!!
Hahah....Yeah I do look like mummy more!!! *psst... actually there are quite a number of photos that i look like daddy more but mummy insist on putting this one up instead la. wakakkaka......*

Saturday, September 01, 2007 | 11:50 PM | back to top

Any Resemblance?
Look alike ma? wakkakaka.......
We have the same frown....When we frown our eye brow will go ~.~. kekeke.....

Mummy last time also no hair one hor? wakakka.......

Mummy wanna go find her baby photo that is at my age le. kekeke.......then we will see if we really look alike. Mummy say now cannot say I look like daddy, actaully I look like her...wakakak.........mummy just dun give up. So stay tune!



| 12:05 AM | back to top